You, too, can have Ostbye's most beautiful jewelry collections in Littleton, Colorado

Nearly every contemporary jewelry designer offers diamonds in their collections. Still, the key to making jewelry you can connect with lies in a century of expertise and respect for the early traditions of jewelry making, while still embracing the needs of modern customers.

Ostbye impresses with savoir-faire, but also in delivering unparalleled service. And here at Intrigue Jewelers, we have an eager team who loves to help you find the right Ostbye design for you.

Whether you’re looking to give your wardrobe a twist or surprise someone special with a timeless jewelry piece, we have the Ostbye you’re looking for.

Explore breathtaking jewelry inlaid with accented diamonds sparkling radiantly. The Shimmering Diamond Collection encompasses dainty and romantic designs in sterling silver.

Reinvent your style with crafty designs which glitter to enhance your every look. Ostbye’s diamonds reflect who you want to be perfectly, with a high level of quality and prestige.

Diva Diamond is an all-time star in jewelry fashion shows. As a result, the collection has become a versatile option in any growing jewelry collection.

Diva Diamond boasts of creative diamond jewelry lines and will definitely help you indulge yourself with luxurious pieces bursting with charm. Intrigue Jewelers is the right place if you’re looking for fashion jewelry that causes a lasting impression!

And the best part about the Diva Collection is that it includes a line called Mini Diva, featuring the most adorable jewelry for children (such as bracelets, earrings, and pendants).

We offer Ostbye jewelry for men, too! Men are instantly drawn to wedding bands designed for "real life," and Ostbye meets the moment with edgy and innovative features intended to elevate men's looks.

Whether you’re looking for men’s wedding bands or men’s necklaces, this Ostbye’s Men collection is designed for men of a free spirit who love to carve their own path.

From classic designs to intricate jewelry in titanium, cobalt chrome, and ceramic, Ostbye impresses with style, quality, and the depth with which modern reinterpretations of iconic wedding bands are crafted.

The Eco-Brilliance collection features revolutionary lab-grown diamonds that are both environmentally conscious and readily affordable.

Lab-grown diamonds form a separate market with their own philosophy and values. And it’s been gaining jewelry fans who prefer sustainable choices.

And the best part is that Ostbye’s lab-grown diamonds offer luster and play of light identical to a natural diamond, with the same hardness, density, refraction, and splitting of light as a diamond mined from the earth.

Whether you want striking fashion jewelry or bridal pieces from Ostbye, head to Intrigue Jewelers to find exquisite jewelry for every occasion.

Let us help pick out pieces which will delight you forever and add beauty and radiance to your growing collection. Illuminate your life with Intrigue Jewelers! Find us at 9886 W. Belleview Ave., Littleton, CO.


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