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At Intrigue Jewelers, we provide one-of-a-kind pieces not only for men and women but also for large and small budgets. Shop here if you seek quality and value.

Our dazzling Littleton jewelry collections teem with jewelry that runs the gamut from vintage to contemporary. What's more, we have the means to help you create customized rings, bracelets and so much more.

As a jeweler in Littleton CO, Intrigue Jewelers is on a mission to fulfill your list of wants and needs. Like our Littleton jewelry that is readily available, our customer service meets the highest standard, so look no further. We are committed to your satisfaction.


14K White Ruby July 18 Birthstone Necklace - 651611114P 14K Yellow 10 mm Chrysoprase Dangle Earrings - 6978360001P 14K White 1/2 CTW Diamond Bangle Bracelet - 60890101P 14K Yellow Turquoise Bezel-Set Single Earring - 2000316603P 14K Yellow .05 CTW Diamond Matching Band - 124037613P 14K Yellow 1/8 CTW Diamond Infinity 6 1/2-7 1/2 Bracelet - BRC7776002P 14K White 1 CTW Diamond Earrings - 86947600P 14K Yellow Ethiopian Opal & 1/2 CTW Diamond Ring - 72070629P 14K Rose 1/6 CTW Diamond Geometric Earrings - 86842602P 14K Yellow 1/6 CTW Diamond Geometric Earrings - 86842601P



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