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Three Stone Engagement Rings in Littleton Co

With timeless elegance and effortless beauty, three stone engagement rings have long been a classic staple in many designers’ collections and are the perfect style for any bride. As westerners, we are comforted by the idea of three. There’s the “rule of threes,” in writing that suggests that three is a more palatable number, and the saying “ Good things come in threes,” which again abides by the idea that the number produces optimal results.

Some say the favorable connotation stems from our country’s Christian background, representing the Holy Trinity. Or perhaps, it stems from the life cycle of “Past, Present, Future,” with a stone to represent each. At Intrigue Jewelers, however, we like to think of the intrinsic beauty of the Three Stone Engagement Ring as the reason, and that’s why we’re happy to offer you a variety of designers and their take on this classic style.

Celebrating their 50 year anniversary, Stuller has expanded its reach to operating in three continents, continuing to provide one of a kind designs with top notch quality. With their signature bold approach to design, Stuller is a wonderful option when searching for three stone engagement rings. The collection features both white and yellow 14k gold with round, emerald, and baguette cut diamonds as both the center and side stones.

For over 30 years, brothers Jack and Dominic Gabriel have led the team behind Gabriel & Co. into an approachable and inventive world renowned brand. From New York City, the design duo is most known for their contemporary and delicate take on classic styles. Regarding their three stone engagement rings, we see a gorgeous collection of round cut center stone diamonds paired with pear cut sapphire side stones, adding a lovely pop of color to these 14k white gold bands. Additionally, we see some lovely takes on the traditional halo setting, with one of the bands featuring dazzling halos on all three stones. Gabriel & Co also offers some non traditional takes on the halo three stone ring with either partial or broken up encirclement for a unique look.

Since their inception in 1920, Ostbye Jewelers has been dedicated to creating the best customer experience while providing unparalleled quality and value. As a leading manufacturer in bridal jewelry, this talented Minneapolis based brand is a go to when it comes to buying three stone engagement rings.

Within their selection, shimmering diamond studded 14k white gold bands are featured with their equally as charming wedding band pair. Each ring features a lovely emphasis on the round cut center stone, all significantly larger than their side stone counterparts. The beauty behind this, however, is that the side stones seamlessly blend into the studded band, creating a continuous glimmer of elegance.

Highlighting the natural beauty of their diamonds, three stone engagement rings are an excellent choice to give her the proposal of her dreams. Our family owned and operated showroom in Littleton,CO is the perfect place to find these beautiful gems at a lovely price. Come on down, our knowledgeable staff is here and waiting to put a gorgeous smile on her face.


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