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Straight Engagement Rings in Littleton Co

When one thinks of a classic engagement ring, they often have the image of a straight setting in mind. Characterized by a simplicity that honors the focus being on the center stone without extra ornamentation detracting from it, it is usually paired with the similarly minded solitaire cut.

Because of its strong place in jewelry history, it is also a ring type that is very much prone to personalization. While they still maintain the softness to be classified as a straight engagement ring, below are rings that give the classic a little bit of a contemporary twist.

Despite the minor variation, the changes made on this straight engagement ring by Gabriel & Co. are monumental and give it an entirely different look. A traditional 4 prong solitaire is held up by two sloped and diamond-studded oval leaflets.

Beneath that, and about 3/4 the way up the ring lays a layer of extra metal that is almost folded over the lower sides of the leaflet. Below, another, more minuscule folded layer.

The final product is a partially ribbed band that gives the appearance of rolling hills as it gracefully makes its way up the mountain to the glory that is the center stone. While still so classic, the almost nature-inspired element breathes new life into this now extraordinary ring.

Set in 14k White Gold, this Gabriel & Co. Straight Engagement Ring is quite the opposite of delicate nature-inspired. As the ring approaches the top of the finger, the sleekness of the band turns jagged with three smaller diamond stones on each side. Unlike many studded diamond shanks, these stones are not simply lined with the band but are themselves individually held up by prongs.

At the center, six prongs hold up the pièce de résistance, a 1ct round cut diamond. Looked at as a whole, it evokes the image of two tectonic plates meeting and birthing this large stone perched high above its serrated edges. Despite the volume of diamonds on this ring opting it out of a solitaire cut, the intense spotlight on the center stone very much makes it a straight engagement ring.

Of similar sloped style, this Stuller 14k White Gold Engagement Ring still maintains the modesty of a straight ring. Sold as a semi-mount, it features three gradually elevating steps of baguette diamonds on each side of the center stone. Art Deco-inspired, it provides a lovely sloped ascent that draws your eye upwards to the center stone.

A completely different look than the aforementioned, this Stuller Rose Gold Round Accented Ring provides different experimentation on the classic straight engagement ring. Set in 14K Rose Gold, the band on this ring features two shanks that bypass one another at the top as they swoop back in to cradle the center stone.

On the way up, the edges of the shank descend inward like a valley and feature thirteen sets of two beads in line with one another. In collaboration with studded edges, the wrench-like interlocking head gives the ring a bold masculine feel while still maintaining its signature delicacy.


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