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  1. 14K White Amethyst Rope Earrings - 86553600P

    86553 / Set / 14K White / Amethyst / 6 Mm / Pair / Polished / Genuine Amethyst Rope Earrings With Backs
  2. 14K Yellow Crescent Moon Earrings - 86846601P

    86846 / 14K Yellow / Pair / Polished / Crescent Moon Stud Earring W/Back
  3. 14K White 1/6 CTW Diamond 16-18 Necklace - 65260160000P

    652601 / Set / 14K White / Polished / 1/6 Ctw Diamond 16-18 Inch Necklace
  4. 14K Yellow Three-Stone Citrine 18 Necklace - 6903364569P

    69033 / 14Ky / Pendant / P / Gen Cit&Mad Cit Pend On 18 Ro
  5. 14K Rose 1 CTW Diamond Bangle Bracelet - 66937102P

    66937 / 14K Rose / 1 Cttw / Polished / Diamond Bangle Bracelet
  6. 14K Rose Faceted Design Circle Earrings - 862396007P

    86239 / 14K Rose / Pair / Round Faceted Stud Earrings With Backs
  7. 14K Yellow .07 CTW Diamond Heart Ring - 122972601P

    122972 / Set / 14K Yellow / Polished / .07 Ctw Diamond Heart Ring
  8. 14K Yellow 1/2 CTW Diamond V Ring - 123931601P

    123931 / Set / 14K Yellow / Marquise / 4.5X2.5 Mm / Polished / 1/2 Ctw Diamond V Ring
  9. 14K Rose 12x3.27 mm Triangle Earrings - 86761602P

    86761 / 14K Rose / Pair / Polished / Triangle Earring With Backs
  10. 14K Rose 3/4 CTW Diamond Lever Back Fan Earrings - 86963602P

    86963 / Set / 14K Rose / Pair / Polished / 3/4 Ctw Diamond Lever Back Fan Earrings
  11. 14K White Aquamarine Cross 16-18 Necklace - R42369615P

    R42369 / Necklace / Set / 14K White / Aquamarine / Round / 2.5 Mm / Polished / Genuine Aquamarine Cross Necklace
  12. 14K Yellow Tiny Poshu00ae Infinity-Inspired 16-18 Necklace - 857951001P

    85795 / Necklace / 14K Yellow / Polished / Tiny Posh Infinity Necklace
  13. 14K Yellow 1/2 CTW Diamond Criss-Cross Ring - 65232460002P

    652324 / Set / 14K Yellow / Polished / 1/2 Ctw Diamond Criss Cross Ring
  14. 14K White Aquamarine Rope Ring - 7188160000P

    71881 / Set / 14K White / Oval / 7 X 5 Mm / Polished / Genuine Aquamarine Rope Ring
  15. 14K Yellow Cabochon Ethiopian Opal, Pink Sapphire & .06 CTW Diamond Ring - 72093601P

    72093 / Set / 14K Yellow / Polished / Genuine Ethiopian Opal Pink Sapphire And .06 Ctw Diamond Ring
  16. 14K White Matching Band for 6.5 mm Engagement Ring - 122960600P

    122960 / Band / 14K White / Round / 06.50 Mm / Polished / Matching Band For 6.5Mm Eng
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Showing 16 out of 5333 products

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Jewelry in Littleton Co

As humans, we’ve been obsessed with adorning our bodies with jewelry for thousands of years. Now with the discovery of new metals, gemstones, and ways of manufacturing, a wider variety of jewelry allows you to have fun and create a style that’s truly unique to you.

We here at Intrigue Jewelers love assisting our customers in expand their jewelry box, and truly understand the effect that jewelry has in making us feel special and beautiful. From pendant necklaces to fashion rings to stylish bangles, we carry a plethora of designers in multiple styles for you to choose from. Be it everyday or special occasion, we’re here to help.

An award winning designer, French jeweler Frederic Duclos uses his admiration for art and sculpture to create jewelry pieces that truly amaze. For over 35 years, his limitless imagination has crafted earrings of impeccable quality, as can be seen here with these Sterling Silver/ Ruthenium Bamboo Leaves Earrings.

From a stud post, a cable chain link is attached to a loop that holds two leaf shaped structures at different heights, giving the piece dramatic effect. The higher piece is made out of bamboo and colored with a deep chocolate finish with stunning brush stroke designs scattered throughout the shape.

Hanging slightly lower is a sleek simple leaf shape made out of a sterling silver and ruthenium alloy, giving it a durability and strength that is unmatched. The final look is a lovely interpretation of earth inspired, featuring two very different kinds of natural materials.

With old world quality in modern designs, Val Casting designs one of a kind gemstone jewelry that is proudly assembled in the USA. Their strong attention to detail is highly visible in this sparkling Two Tone Ladies Pendant. Hanging off a chain of your choosing, we see a thick yellow gold V shaped bail that mirrors itself over at the bottom, holding the pendant together. Two heart shaped prongs hold a stunning vertical marquise cut Alexandrite. A captivating gemstone, it is said to change color depending on its light source. Set in white gold, two round cut diamonds in a prong setting line both sides of the stone and add a lovely extra shimmer to the already glistening piece.

For a gorgeous bracelet that will complete any outfit, look no further than the design team behind the world renowned Gabriel & Co. Based in New York City, brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel are known for the elegance in all their designs, be they intricate or delicate. With this dazzling 14k Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet, the creativity behind the 30 year long design duo is evident.

As the thin yellow gold bangle wraps around your wrist, two triangle shape-designs seal the ends, leaving the center exposed. Lining the edges of the shape are round cut diamonds held in a prong setting, adding lovely texture. Filling the inside of the triangle, the rainbow glimmer of mother of pearl adds an other worldly level of opulence that one doesn’t find often in jewelry.


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