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  1. 14K White 1/10 CTW Diamond 5-Stone Band - 12278960003P

    122789 / Set / 14K White / Round / 1.7 Mm Ct / Polished / 1/10 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  2. 14K White 3/4 CTW Diamond Band - 12278560015P

    122785 / Set / 14K White / Square / 3 X 3 Mm / Polished / 3/4 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  3. 14K Yellow 9/10 CTW Diamond Band - 12313360010P

    123133 / 14K Yellow / Band / Set / Round / 3 Mm / Polished / 9/10 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  4. 14K White 1 CTW Diamond Men's Ring - 1232916004P

    123291 / Set / 14K White / Round / 3.8 Mm / Polished / 1 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  5. 14K White 3/4 CTW Diamond Men's Ring - 1232916020P

    123291 / Set / 14K White / Round / 3.4 Mm / Polished / 3/4 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  6. 14K Yellow 1/4 CTW Diamond 5-Stone Band - 122788605P

    122788 / Set / 14K Yellow / Round / 2.25 Mm / Polished / 1/4 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  7. 14K White 1/2 CTW Diamond Men's Ring - 1232916014P

    123291 / Set / 14K White / Round / 3 Mm / Polished / 1/2 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  8. 14K Rose 1/3 CTW Diamond Band - 12313360020P

    123133 / 14K Rose / Band / Set / Round / 1.75 Mm / Polished / 1/3 Ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  9. 14K White 1/4 CTW Diamond 5-Stone Band - 114536000P

    11453 / 14K White / Band / Gents / Set / Polished / 1/4Ctw Bridal Duo With Si2-Si3
  10. Platinum 5/8 CTW Diamond Four-Stone Anniversary Band - 60279207084P

    60279 / Set / Platinum / Polished / Diamond Band
  11. 14K Yellow 1 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 60212207459P

    60212 / 14K Yellow / 1 Ct Tw / Polished / Diamond Band
  12. Platinum 3/8 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 61303251376P

    61303 / Plat / 3/8 Ct Tw / P / Diamond Band
  13. 14K White 1/8 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 1224626000P

    122462 / 14K White / Set / 1/8 Ctw Diamond Anniversary Band
  14. 14K White 1/8 CTW Diamond Pavu00e9 Twisted Anniversary Band - 1226806000P

    This 14K white gold twisted anniversary band is all you need to keep the celebration of your love and your vows with you wherever you go.
  15. 14K Yellow 1/8 CTW Diamond Pavu00e9 Twisted Anniversary Band - 1226806001P

    If you have an anniversary to celebrate, consider this 14K yellow gold twisted anniversary band with pavé diamonds. It's going to make your other rings shine!
  16. 14K White 5/8 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 12261460000P

    122614 / Set / 14K White / Round / 2.25 Mm / Polished / 5/8 Ctw Diamond Anniversary Band
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Showing 16 out of 855 products

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The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand comes from ancient times. The Romans believed that the finger contained a vein that was connected directly to the heart, so the ring worn by the couple was a representation of eternal love.

Even now, hundreds of years later, this tradition is still followed. Wedding bands continue to symbolize love and fidelity for you, your partner, and the rest of the world. This piece of jewelry is also a celebration of the vows that you exchange on your wedding day, and it expresses your desire to be with your partner forever.

At Intrigue Jewelers, we understand the true value of a wedding band is the love it represents. We are proud to have an exclusive selection of the most exquisite wedding rings, and we are sure you will find the one that speaks to you.

Our selection includes wedding bands by well-known designers, such as Gabriel & Co., and Stuller. The pieces are made with the utmost attention to detail and using only the finest materials: gold, platinum, and titanium. Also, they can either be unadorned or encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones.

Gabriel & Co. is a designer that shares a unique passion for the true value of fine jewelry and the emotional jewelry signifies. This love for what they do is easily seen in every piece they create. If you feel like getting a more traditional wedding ring, there’s a stunning 14K white gold band that features 5 princess-cut diamonds. It’s tradition with a bit of sparkle! The band itself has a clean and spotless design that perfectly accommodates every diamond.

In case you’re looking for something bolder, Gabriel & Co. also offers a truly exquisite v-shaped wedding ring that is encrusted with lots of tiny diamonds. It’s a contemporary and delicate design that is also perfect for an anniversary gift. Stuller is committed to providing the best experience through their jewelry. They have been innovating and bringing joy to countless couples for five decades, and it shows in their one-of-a-kind wedding bands.

Their 14K yellow gold comfort fit wedding band shows how unique their designs are even in more traditional styles. Similarly, their innovative designs are just as exceptional, but with a touch of something daring. They have a lovely wedding ring encrusted with diamonds in a band that should be considered a work of art.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we are the best place to go for picking out your wedding band in Littleton, Colorado. We assure you will find a piece that can be handed down for generations and be an everlasting reminder of a cherished memory.

Intrigue Jewelers is a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pieces and of our services. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to guide you through a stress-free experience.

Your story matters to us, and we want to present you with a wedding ring that will reflect all the intimacy, love, commitment you have as a couple.

You can contact us through our phone number (303) 973-9102, or visit us at our showroom in 9886 W. Belleview Avenue, Littleton, Colorado.


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