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  1. 14K Rose 1/3 CTW Diamond Cluster Earrings - 65175460002P

    651754 / 14K Rose / Pair / 1/3Ctw Diamond Cluster Earrings With Backs
  2. 14K Rose Star of David Earrings - 86739602P

    86739 / 14K Rose / Pair / Polished / Star Of David Earrings With Backs
  3. 14K Yellow 25.9x1.8 mm Articulated Bar Earrings - 87195100P

    87195 / Earring / 14K Yellow / Pair / Friction Backs Included / Polished / Bar Dangle Earrings
  4. 14K Yellow 1 CTW Diamond Circle 18 Necklace - 658311006P

    65831 / 14K Yellow / 1 Ct Tw / Polished / Diamond Necklace
  5. 14K White 1 CTW Diamond Line 7 Bracelet - BRC65160000P

    Brc651 / Bracelet / Set / 14K White / 1 Ctw / Polished / 1Ctw Diamond Line Bracelet
  6. 14K Yellow 1/5 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 1236316034P

    123631 / Set / 14K Yellow / Round / 2 Mm / Polished / 1/5 Ctw Diamond Anniversary Band
  7. 14K Yellow Beaded Ring - 51677102P

    51677 / 14K Yellow / Polished / Beaded Ring
  8. 14K White Initial I Ring - 51895149P

    51895 / 14K White / I / Polished / Initial Ring
  9. 14K White 1/5 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 1240316000P

    124031 / 14K White / Set / Round / 2.5 Mm / 1/5 Ctw Diamond Anniversary Band
  10. 14K White .06 CTW Diamond Single Initial N Earring - 867976065P

    86797 / Set / 14K White / N / Each / Polished / .06 Ctw Diamond Initial Earring W/Back
  11. 14K Rose Beaded Bar 16-18 Necklace - 86495103P

    86495 / Necklace / 14K Rose / Polished / Beaded Bar 16-18 Inch Necklace
  12. 14K White Tiny Poshu00ae Lotus 16-18 Necklace - 857931001P

    85793 / 14K White / Necklace / 16.8 X 8.8 Mm / 16-18 In / Polished / Tiny Posh Lotus Necklace
  13. 14K White 1/3 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band - 123947600P

    123947 / Set / 14K White / Polished / 1/3 Ctw Diamond Anniversary Band
  14. 14K White Pink Tourmaline Beaded Ring - 71923665P

    71923 / Set / 14K White / Pink Tourmaline / Polished / Genuine Pink Tourmaline Beaded Ring
  15. 14K White Freeform Ring - 558267956P

    5582 / 14K White / Polished / Metal Fashion Remount
  16. 14K White 1/2 CTW Diamond Ring - 69497100P

    69497 / 14K White / 1/2 Cttw / Polished / Diamond Ring
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Showing 16 out of 4936 products

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Check Out The Intrigue Jewelers Designers In Littleton, CO

We are a family-owned business that wishes to remain one. Furthermore, we are the best place to visit when seeking something new and exquisite to offer a loved one or crafting a particular item that will be passed down through the generations.

We are committed to treating jewelry as stunning works of art, preserving both its tremendous beauty and deep meaning, and we provide a diverse range so that you can have the piece of your dreams. Our broad and diverse selection includes over forty distinct gemstone varieties, fifteen various metal types, and ten different gemstone hues. You only have to decide which one you like best — check it out!

Gemstone Pieces

If you’re looking for gemstone pieces, Intrigue Jewelers Designs is exactly what you need! Whatever your favorite gemstone is, you just need to pick what you’d like from our selection of Akoya pearls, alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, chrysoprase, citrine, emerald, garnet, moissanite, moonstone, morganite, onyx, opal, peridot, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, and zircon pieces. Each piece of gemstone jewelry is ideal for adding a brilliant splash of color and a refined vibe to your outfits. You may combine them with additional beautiful items from your collection to make eye-catching daily outfits. There is always an ideal piece of jewelry for you, whether it is delicate or magnificent.

Metal Pieces

Our collection of precious metal jewelry is the finest way to express your personal style and is excellent for updating your complete wardrobe with just one piece or as many as you prefer. You can choose your favorite, from three karat gold to incredible platinum pieces.

One of the most favored materials for jewelry is gold. It's perfect for any jewelry, but gold rings are especially well-liked since they stand out. Intrigue Jewelers Designs carries a wide selection of rose, white, and yellow gold jewelry.

Platinum is the most precious and rare metal. This is due to its highly resilient nature that makes it so this metal never tarnishes. Which means that platinum pieces are perfect for daily jewelry because of its incredible durability!

Moreover, platinum jewelry is naturally hypoallergenic due to its high purity level, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. To put it another way, you can never go wrong with platinum jewelry.

Intrigue Jewelers is the place to go if you want to get the most exquisite pieces of jewelry. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations in terms of jewelry quality and service, as well as guaranteeing that all jewelry and repairs ensure the best experience for you. We want to be your go-to jeweler for all of life's great moments.

Drop by our store at 80123 Intrigue Jewelers, 9886 W. Belleview Ave, Littleton, Colorado. Alternatively, you can contact us or book an appointment through our website, or give us a call at 303-973-9102 if you prefer. Our website contains a lot of interesting information and updates that will help you feel inspired when it comes to upgrading your jewelry with excellent designers.


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