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  1. 14K Rose Morganite & 1/5 CTW Diamond Ring - 7160470002P

    71604 / Set / 14K Rose / Genuine Morganite / Oval / 7 X 5 Mm / Polished / Morganite And 1/5Ctw Diamond Ring
  2. 14K White Sky Blue Topaz & 1/4 CTW Diamond Ring - 71722602P

    71722 / 14K White / Set / 14.00X12.00 Mm / Sky Blue Topaz / Polished / Gen Sky Blue Topaz And 1/4Ctw Dia Ring
  3. 14K White Amethyst & 1/4 CTW Diamond Ring - 71722605P

    71722 / 14K White / Set / 18.00X13.00 Mm / Genuine Amethyst / Polished / Gen Amethyst And 1/4Ctw Dia Ring
  4. 14K White Mozambique Garnet & .05 CTW Diamond Ring - 65195260001P

    651952 / 14K White / Garnet / Genuine Mozambique Garnet And .05Ctw Diamond Ring
  5. 14K White Amethyst & .05 CTW Diamond Ring - 65195260002P

    651952 / 14K White / Amethyst / Genuine Amethyst And .05Ctw Diamond Ring
  6. 14K White Aquamarine & .05 CTW Diamond Ring - 65195260003P

    651952 / 14K White / Aquamarine / Genuine Aquamarine And .05Ctw Diamond Ring
  7. 14K White Citrine & .05 CTW Diamond Ring - 65195260011P

    651952 / 14K White / Citrine / Genuine Citrine And .05Ctw Diamond Ring
  8. 14K White Sky Blue Topaz & .05 CTW Diamond Ring - 65195260012P

    651952 / 14K White / Topaz / Genuine Sky Blue Topaz And .05Ctw Diamond Ring
  9. 14K White Citrine & .05CTW Diamond Ring - 7163270020P

    71632 / Set / 14K White / Citrine / Round / 8 Mm / Polished / Genuine Citrine And .05 Ctw Diamond Ring
  10. 14K White Mozambique Garnet and .04CTW Diamond Ring - 651544107P

    651544 / 14K White / Mozambique Garnet / Genuine Mozambique Garnet And .04Ctw Diamond Ring
  11. 14K White Aquamarine & .04 CTW Diamond Ring - 651544111P

    651544 / 14K White / Aquamarine / Geniune Aquamarine And .04 Ctw Diamond Ring
  12. 14K White Emerald & 1/6 CTW Diamond Ring - 65198960000P

    651989 / 14K White / Emerald / Genuine Emerald And 1/6 Ctw Diamond Ring
  13. 14K White Ruby & 1/6 CTW Diamond Ring - 65198960001P

    651989 / 14K White / Ruby / Genuine Ruby And 1/6 Ctw Diamond Ring
  14. 14K White Sapphire & 1/6 CTW Diamond Ring - 65198960002P

    651989 / 14K White / Sapphire / Genuine Blue Sapphire And 1/6 Ctw Diamond Ring
  15. 14K Yellow 4 mm Round Ruby Ring - 718066020P

    71806 / Set / 14K Yellow / Ruby / 4 Mm / Polished / Genuine Ruby Ring
  16. 14K Yellow 4 mm Round Pink Tourmaline Ring - 718066025P

    71806 / Set / 14K Yellow / Pink Tourmaline / 4 Mm / Polished / Genuine Pink Tourmaline Ring
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Showing 16 out of 228 products

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You Have To See These Fabulous Gemstone Rings In Littleton, CO

Explore the world of stunning fashion rings and uplift your entire closet! Our curated selection pays homage to gorgeous women who are confident in their style and wardrobe choices with no fear of being too daring or experimental!

If you’re like most contemporary women, with a seize-the-day spirit and love to express it through your clothes and accessories, this gemstone fashion ring collection is for you!

Our diverse selection showcases vivid gemstones in all colors featuring exquisite cuts. The result is an elevated effect with ground-breaking and forward-thinking designs which embrace the trends seen at many fashion shows.

This curated selection offers fashionable and charming pieces. Get inspired by precious stones which come in heart, oval, baguette, cushion, emerald, pear shapes, and much more! Let the designs found within this ring guide help you in the choice of styles.

We’re proud to present lovely gemstone fashion rings curated by jewelry specialists looking to provide women with wonderful self-expression choices! The popularity of our fashion rings gets stronger every day because they allow you to play around with angles, colors, and designs.

Pick out your favorite gemstones such as opal, onyx, aquamarine, or amethyst—there’s a fashion ring with it waiting for you! Choose your favorite metal—our selection includes shimmering rings in white, yellow, and rose gold or sterling silver.

Choose the gemstone which speaks to you the most. Rubies are empowering gems. Blue topazes showcase a royal and elegant air. Amethysts not only look super artistic with yellow outfits but represent wisdom and tranquility. And delicate opals can be an emblem of peace.

Celebrate and enjoy our carefully selected gemstone fashion rings in fun shapes. But keep in mind, if you love classics, you can always opt for minimalist stackable rings featuring delicate gemstones and twisted bands.

You won’t have to struggle about where to go for incredible designers and well-crafted jewelry pieces anymore. Every time you want to celebrate a special moment, gift someone you love, or update your jewelry collection, you can come to Intrigue Jewelers!

If you have an idea of ​​the ring you want, but are unsure about designers, come to our store for expert jewelry advice, and it’ll be our pleasure to help you find a unique gemstone ring and, who knows, maybe even matching earrings for the full effect!

When you come to Intrigue Jewelers, we’ll take care of your style today, tomorrow, and forever! You’re invited to enjoy the styles of our gemstone fashion rings and combine them in ways which will make you stand out anywhere!

We work with designers known for quality and flawless styles such as Gabriel & Co., Frederic Duclos, Allison Kaufman, and Ostbye. Find us at 9886 W. Belleview Avenue, in Littleton, CO.


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